Student Services Department

Student Services Department

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Student Services Department

The objective of the Student Services Department is to support the academic staff and student community in the process of childhood development, general behavior and social relationships through counseling. Also, to work with the Parents Association in developing activities that contribute to the improvement of the life of our school community.

The Student Services Department is composed of the Student Services Coordinator, two other counselors and an Admissions Officer who also works coordinating events and extra-curricular activities.


The purpose of the school counselors is to guide and design strategies of intervention that help students, parents and staff in solving emotional, behavioral and learning situations that may arise in and out of the classroom, and also encouraging teachers to deal with specific situations to maintain the harmony of the class. The counselors also organize information and activities for parents (presentations/lectures etc.) related to child development.

The Student Services Department is also responsible for the extra-curricular activities program (see the section on Extra-Curricular Activities for more information).

The new student admissions process is also a part of the Students Services Department (see the section on Admissions).

The main annual activities that are organized through this department are: the School Christmas Show, Cultural/Science Fair logistics, Patriotic Day, logistics of some annual sports events (e.g. Copa Puntacana), PCIS Carnaval participation, Field Day and the annual Art Exhibition.