• Naomi García Montás

    Born in San Antonio, Texas, Naomi graduated from the Puntacana International School in 2010 and is the first of four siblings to graduate from the school. She states that her most treasured memories from her time at the school derive from the teachers, the quality of education and the institution’s rich cultural diversity.

    “The Puntacana International School taught me to appreciate cultural diversity. The school’s focus on international issues, and the opportunity to participate in events such as the International Conference of Las Americas (CILA), inspired me to continue my studies in the United States. My most important memory of the school was the support I received from my teachers in my efforts to study at a U.S. university.”

    Naomi has a B.A. in Finance and in International Business from the University of Indiana at Evansville and is currently working as a Project and Construction Analyst for Highways 290 and 288 in Houston, Texas. In addition to her work, she is currently studying to receive her Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance at the St. Thomas University in Houston, Texas.

    Naomi’s interests are not limited to the world of finance. She is also an avid reader and a passionate cook who loves to experiment and create her own recipes.

  • Christopher Michael Santana Guaba

    Born in New York City, Christopher joined the Puntacana International School in 2004. In 2010, he graduated as a member of KUDO’s graduating class. As a student, Christopher experienced some of the school’s structural changes and the eventual transition to what is now the Puntacana International School.

    “At the Puntacana International School I learned managerial and intellectual skills that showed me how to work in a team. That was the starting point for what I do today.”

    Christopher is characterized by his decisive, honest, loyal, curious and humanitarian nature. After he graduated from the Puntacana International School, he went on to study Marketing at the UNIBE University in Punta Cana and is currently working as a real estate Sales Executive in the “Hoyo Claro” Developing Group. He is also a partner at the Bellecorp SRL and Dibieto Investments SRL companies and head of the Abatte Beauty Salon in the Bavaro-Punta Cana region.

  • Crismeiry Eduarda Paredes de Leon

    Born in the central region of San Francisco de Macoris, Crismeiry Eduarda Paredes graduated in 2010 from the Puntacana International School as a member of the KUDOS graduating class. She studied Business Administration with a focus on the tourism and hotel industries and currently works as an assistant to the Vice President of Hospitality at Grupo Puntacana.

    Crismeiry is also a member of the Church of God of Prophecy and its active youth group and is an active participant of her office’s Mixed Committee on Security and Health (Westin). Recently, she decided to join the Internal Communications Committee at the Puntacana Group.

    Crismeiry states that during her years at the Puntacana International School, she was able to develop a series of skills by participating in special programs and workshops sponsored by the school including activities in personal finances, recycling management and social services.

    Without a doubt, the experience of living and studying in a school situated in an important tourism enclave inspired her to study the profession. In her own words, Crismeiry Paredes explains that she “loves the hospitality sector.”

    To this day, she remembers the kindness and constant support of her teachers. She was particularly fond of Professor Phillip Hatchet, whom she defines as a professor who taught his students values “and who always gave us good advice”.

  • Héctor José Valenzuela Ruiz

    Héctor graduated from the Puntacana International School in 2011 as part of the SIKER promotion. He studied aviation at the Aviator College in Florida, where he majored in commercial piloting and he is currently working as a first officer for the PAWA Dominicana Airlines.

    Héctor says that during his years at the school he made many friends and learned that hard work is the key to success in life.

    He claims that the most important lesson learned at the school was team work and expressed his deep gratitude for the excellent support he received from his teachers during the seven years that he spent at the school.

  • Ruth Anneris Gil Rosario

    Ruth was born in the city of La Romana, and she graduated from the Puntacana International School in 2010 as part of the KUDOS promotion. She then moved on to study Tourism and Business Administration at the UNIBE University in Punta Cana and is currently a terminal supervisor at Punta Cana’s international airport. Ruth describes herself as bold, persevering, responsible, dynamic and passionate. All qualities that derive from her entrepreneurial spirit.

    Among the many skills she learned at the Puntacana International School, Ruth speaks of the team work involved, strong analytical skills acquired and of having retained a strong sense of responsibility. Ruth mentions Language & Arts Teacher Phillip Hatchet and the excellent values he passed on to her, she thanks her Mathematics Teacher Luisa Gómez for her patience and perseverance and her Social Studies Teacher Isabel Tejeda for her discipline.

    She does mention, however, that one of her most memorable experiences at the Puntacana International School was building close relationships with her peers. She explains that “in spite of the differences, anyone who needed help in studying, dealing with a professor and even in pulling off certain pranks, we all acted together as one single unit.” She also recalls the friends she made during the years she spent at the school and who remain in contact despite the distances that may exist between them or the lack of time due to current responsibilities.

  • Luis Antonio Paulino Puello

    Luis Antonio Paulino Puello joined the Puntacana International School in 2003 and transferred to the Ann & Ted Kheel Polytechnic Institute in 2010 to complete his high school education. Afterwards, he moved back to the capital city of Santo Domingo to study Civil Engineering at the INTEC University and currently works as a Project Supervisor at Site Construction Company.

    Luis believes that the important skills and knowledge he acquired at the Puntacana International School have helped him carry out successful professional practices including analyzing texts in an efficient manner, learning English as a second language and developing his writing skills and he explains that one of the most important lessons he learned at the Puntacana International School was that “a man is not measured by the way he starts out, but rather how he ends.” As his former Teacher Jorge Silega used to say, “He considers himself to be an honest, sharp, persistent, responsible and friendly individual.” Luis Antonio’s favorite past time is to exercise, a hobby he picked up during his school years.

    “I experienced many moving moments at the Puntacana International School but the most important one was the time when I was chosen to be the interpreter of a group of students from Virginia College, who traveled to the country to participate in a medical mission in “Las Cuchillas,” in El Seibo Province, as well as in the Verón tourism region. I was very pleased to see that I was acting as a bridge for each one of these individuals who at the time had the need for my services.”